Kavita Basi releases her new book ’23 Ways to a Happier Life’

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Kavita Basi releases her new book ’23 Ways to a Happier Life’

South Manchester Author, Speaker, Podcaster & Ambassador for Neuro charities, Founder of Jardin Living – Ethical fashion Brands during Covid, has now released her new book!

23 WAYS TO A HAPPIER LIFE – 23 Short Stories – Post surviving a Subarachnoid Brain Hemorrhage in 2015.

Kavita is grateful to be here, alive and now experiencing life in the most positive way! Following her award winning memoir Room 23 surviving a brain hemorrhage, Kavita has paved the way to a more fulfilled approach to having a second chance in life.

“I share why every moment is precious and a reminder to not take life for granted. My daily struggles include short- term memory loss, high anxiety, extreme fatigue & mental health, but I try and stay positive. Happiness is not a destination it’s a way of life.” said Kavita Basi, Author.

In 23 Ways to a Happier Life – Kavita shares, illustrations, stories of her family and tips for everyone to use and for those with neuro-conditions using QR codes in each chapter for an interactive approach. So that the readers can visualise the story in an image or video through social media and experience living life to the full of those exciting moments with her. Kavita shares why every moment is precious and a reminder to not take life for granted.

Erin Kreszl, Executive Director of The Bee Foundation for Brain Aneurysm Prevention says “Brain Aneurysm survivor, Kavita Basi, is candid, funny, and motivational as she talks about turning a shattering life experience into a recipe for a positive lifestyle. Her commitment to giving back to the brain aneurysm community by sharing her personal experiences and approach to every day as a second chance continues to inspire all of us,
especially those touched by this devastating disease. We are beyond proud to have Kavita as our supporter and Ambassador.”

Giving back: With the charity affiliations that Kavita has, she is dedicated to give back to help continue research and support in neurological conditions. 23 WAYS TO A HAPPIER LIFE gives 10% profits to The Bee Foundation Philadelphia USA . Kavita also Founded and launched her ethical fashion company during Covid 19, Jardin Living Ltd – holding 2 brands Ration.L & Reflexone – vegan accessories and Recycled plastic activewear supplying products worldwide through its ecommerce website and partner platforms. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to the ethos of the company to create better products that demonstrate good social & ethical practices, whilst enjoying a healthier, happier lifestyle.