A Directors introduction course

Why take our Directors Introduction course?

We all think we know our responsibilities as Directors – but do we really? This course provides valuable insights into corporate governance, leadership, strategic planning, risk management, compliance, and your own personal legal responsibilities. You’ll gain new skills and fresh insights that are essential for effective decision-making in a rapidly changing world.

Who is the course for?

Family business owners, their Directors, and Non-Executive Directors.

Tailored to you

The course is a tailored one-day session for family businesses, run internally within your business, we will discuss your specific requirements beforehand to effectively tailor the course content to your needs. We can also organise an off-site venue if you would prefer to be away from the day-to-day activity of the business.

Overview of the course content

From the knowledge gained throughout the day you will be able to bring best practice back into your business and enhance your own personal development.

The Course content includes:

  • Company Structures
  • Articles of Association
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Companies Act Obligations
  • Interaction with Shareholder Directors and Family Members
  • Your role and an independent Director
  • Interpersonal skills needed
  • Board meeting format and running
  • Scenarios explored, personal development and action plans

The benefits of of our Directors Introduction Course

Whether you are growing a business, stepping into an existing family business or need to re-group and re-evaluate your legal duties, this course will provide you with invaluable insight

  • Draw upon our specific family business knowledge
    This course is delivered by experts with a wealth of experience and insight into the dynamics of  family business from working extensively with family businesses of all sizes and industries
  • Enhanced Understanding of Responsibilities:
    While we may think we know our duties as directors, this course delves deeper. You’ll gain clarity on corporate governance, legal obligations, and risk management.
  • Leadership Insights:
    Learn effective leadership strategies tailored for directors. Understand how to steer your organisation toward success.
  • Strategic Planning Skills:
    Strategic thinking is crucial. Discover how to align your decisions with long-term goals and adapt to a dynamic business landscape.
  • Risk Management Expertise:
    Identify, assess, and mitigate risks. Equip yourself with tools to safeguard your business.
  • Compliance Mastery:
    Stay abreast of legal requirements. Understand the Companies Act and your compliance.
  • Personal Legal Responsibilities:
    Directors have legal duties. Learn about your individual responsibilities and liabilities.
  • Tailored Content:
    Our one-day session caters specifically to family businesses. We customise the content to address your unique needs.
  • Flexible Venue Options:
    Choose between an internal session within your business premises or an off-site venue. Opt for an environment that suits your learning style and is accessible to staff.
  • Practical Application:
    Apply best practices directly to your business.
  • Comprehensive Course Content:
    Explore topics such as company structures, articles of association, shareholder agreements, and more.
  • Board Meeting Proficiency:
    Understand board dynamics, meeting formats, and efficient running.
  • Personal Growth and Action Plans:
    Reflect on scenarios, set personal development goals, and create actionable plans.

Join us on this transformative journey—a course designed for directors by directors.s


“The term “Company Director” is so embedded in common parlance that it’s easy to assume we know what it means and get on with our day to day working life. The course packed in a lot into a single day, and it was engaging and easy to follow. I learned more from the course than I expected (us directors always think we know everything…) and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to be a better director.”

“I decided at the last minute to attend the Fam Biz Directors course; Sue and Dave could not have been more helpful. I think our initial thoughts were that it was going to be dull and boring! How wrong we all were! Phil who presented the Course was not only an expert and very knowledgeable, but he made sure it was an engaging day of learning; we all left buzzing and ready for action.”

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