Specialist recruitment services for family businesses

There is always a time in your business when it helps to bring in an outside perspective to help you get to the next level of growth or support a change in direction. If you know what you are looking for, we can work across our community network to see who is available.

If you don’t know what you need, we will also work with you to identify the best roles to sit around the table with you. From senior leadership and strategic roles to key management posts and interim positions, we can help you find the right fit for your culture and values.

Are you looking to recruit within your family business?

We can help family businesses to find great people. From senior leadership and strategic roles to key management posts and interim positions, we have a wealth of expertise when it comes to helping you source the talent you need to fit the culture and values of your family business.

Finding the right talent for the right roles can have a hugely positive impact on a business, helping to achieve growth and change. However this is not usually a straightforward, easy process. It can take some time to correctly identify what talent a business needs before commencing a search.

Key considerations when recruiting for a family business

  • Have clear needs for the new recruit been identified?
  • Is everyone in agreement with these?
  • Have the skills and capabilities of the new recruit been identified?
  • Will the new recruit have operational autonomy?
  • Will the new post offer a path for career progression?
  • Are the business processes and policies well defined?
  • Are you aware of the market price for your talent requirements?

How does the process work?

Like all good things, our recruitment process begins with a conversation. You may have a specific recruitment need already identified or you may think you have a people gap but aren’t sure how this will fit into the business.

We want to know more  about your business and what your strategic aims are, related to your recruitment needs. We will work with you to identify those specific needs before passing a brief to our partners to commence the recruitment search. During the process, we are here to support you and provide any help or guidance you may need.

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