Specialist advisory services for family business owners and leaders

Facing big decisions? Looking for an outside perspective?

Benefit from a non-executive director style support from a group of experienced business leaders from both family and non-family business backgrounds. Over the course of twelve months you will benefit from their guidance, strategic support, council and a listening ear to help you.

How our Family Business Advisory Boards work:

  • You’ll be paired with a board of up to 5 senior individuals with different skill sets to work with over
    the course of one year. They are there to give you an external perspective and objective input.
  • There is a virtual induction event, giving you the opportunity to meet other participants and we will
    arrange catch ups as the programme progresses for feedback and general peer to peer
    conversations with others involved on the programme.
  • You’ll attend online meetings every three months over  a 12 month period to talk
    through challenges and gain input, with the pandemic the meetings have
    been online and there are no plans to change this as yet, however you
    and your board are free to arrange individual catch ups on site or other
    meetings if you wish to do so in between the 3 monthly meetings
    that we will arrange for you.
  • You’ll identify actions to help move your business forward and will report
    back to your board for accountability and guidance.
  • The Family Business Community will coordinate all meetings and work with you
    on meeting updates and action updates throughout the 12 months and be
    on hand to answer any queries/sign post and general day to day
    relationship management.

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