A local financial services company is saving money whilst saving the environment. SSA’s Refill Room!

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A local financial services company is saving money whilst saving the environment. SSA’s Refill Room!

Cumbrian financial services company, Stan Sherlock Associates is going the extra mile to help save the planet and save their staff some pennies at the same time.

SSA has created what they’ve named the Refill Room. Household products such as washing up liquid and liquid softener are provided for staff so then can bring in their single use plastic bottles and refill them, saving the environment and saving money.

As a drive to reduce single use plastic waste even further, a loyalty card has also been designed to encourage staff to reuse the same bottle every time. Once their marked bottle has had 10 refills, they get a thank you plant.

Stan Sherlock Associates has been making a big effort in recent years to care more for the local community.  As a business SSA supports local charities with regular donations and sponsored events, the business also supports shopping local, and recruits first from within the county, developing homegrown talent and skills.  Now, the company says it’s time to take greater care of the local environment as well.

Office Manager Megan Henry said:

“When Emma told me about the Refill Room, I felt immediately enthusiastic about! I’ve visited refill shops across the country and love the idea of them and the benefits they create both locally and for the whole world. The variety and products available always surprise me and inspires me on new ways I can reduce my personal plastic waste. This will also really help me and my partner when it comes to saving money on the weekly shop in these uncertain times. I’m very lucky to work for a business who cares about our team’s environmental impact and our impact as a business.”

Emma Sherlock, Operations Director said:

“This initiative comes at a time when, globally, there is growing concern about plastic pollution and locally, microplastics in our lakes.  People are also feeling the pinch from inflation and increased interest rates.  By refilling the team’s single use plastics, we’re reducing the amount of plastic going into landfill and our local eco systems and supporting the team by saving them a little bit of money.  It’s an easy and cost-effective way to do our bit.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but we hope other businesses will follow in our footsteps – helping their staff by easing the cost of the weekly shopping bill and becoming that little bit greener. We’re really excited about this project and the impact it could have.”

For more information about Stan Sherlock Associates, please contact the team on 01228 598821 or visit stansherlock.com