Multi-award winning artisan bakery launches virtual baking club

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Multi-award winning artisan bakery launches virtual baking club

ARTISAN Bakers, Aidan Monks and Catherine Connor, the duo behind the multi-award-winning team at Lovingly Artisan Bakery, based in Cumbria and Manchester have launched an online baking club to share bread-related hints and tips to help householders in lockdown craft the perfect loaf at home.

So, if you are struggling with your starter, bonkers about buns but haven’t got a clue where to start head over to Facebook and join The Lovingly Artisan Baking Club

The Baking Club is designed to be a happy place where participants can get practical help and advice through an approachable, inspiring and fun way to get the knowledge needed to make the perfect loaf…

Aidan and Catherine will teach you the science behind bread baking giving you a thorough understanding of what is actually happening throughout the process, so you can bake beautiful bread at home.

Providing you with a valuable insight to help you to learn to make the perfect starter, how to use it, as well as kneading, proving and shaping your homemade dough, the importance of scoring, and how best to store your finished bread…

The Baking Club is all about bread baking, recipe shares, insider tips and tricks, encouragement and support for each other’s bread baking efforts as well as having some serious bread related fun!