Challenger Site Services Triumphs at The North West Family Business Awards

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Challenger Site Services Triumphs at The North West Family Business Awards

Challenger Site Services is overjoyed and celebrating its remarkable achievement at The North West Family Business Awards, where it secured the prestigious title of winner in the Haulage and Logistics category.

These esteemed awards recognize and honour the remarkable accomplishments of family businesses throughout the region. Organized by the esteemed Family Business Community, a trusted network that fosters invaluable connections and facilitates the sharing of experiences and insights among generations of family-owned enterprises, this year’s awards ceremony took place on Friday, 19th May, at the Concorde Conference Centre, in the presence of an esteemed audience of over 500 guests.

The judging panel commended Challenger Site Services for its “resilient and reputable brand that extends across the North West”. They particularly highlighted the company’s exceptional commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service, which not only sets it apart from its competitors but also establishes it as a leader within the industry.

Expressing his delight, Shaun Allen, Partner at Challenger Site Services, stated, “We are absolutely thrilled to be recognised as one of the North West Family Businesses of the Year. Since our establishment over 27 years ago, Challenger Site Services has consistently grown and thrived. It is truly rewarding to have our unwavering dedication to customer service, a core aspect of our service offering, acknowledged. This year, amidst challenging economic conditions, we have intensified our focus on sustainability while maintaining our commitment to meeting the high expectations set by our valued customers.”

Allen extended his sincere gratitude to the judging panel, as well as the visionary co-founders of the Family Business Community, Dave Clarkson and Sue Howarth. He also expressed his appreciation for every employee at Challenger Site Services, emphasizing their daily embodiment of the company’s values on customer sites.

The triumph of Challenger Site Services at The North West Family Business Awards stands as a testament to their enduring pursuit of excellence and their unwavering dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction.