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  • Connect and engage with other family businesses across the UK and internationally to share knowledge and experience
  • Access to our FamBiz Media Channel*
  • Distribution of your family business news via our website and social media channels
  • Signposting to family business specialists
  • Receive our newsletters and family business focussed content
  • Unlimited use of our logo’s on your material to promote your association with The Family Business Community
  • 20% discount on our event ticket prices (excluding Awards)
  • 10% of your subscription will be donated to our Family Business Foundation

* What’s the FamBiz Media Channel? It’s our collection of short films, podcasts and exclusive interviews, tailored to our family business audience. Described as ‘business masterclasses’ by our subscribers, each interview or story told delves deep into the inner workings of what make family businesses tick. They are unique and powerful learning opportunities!

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What's on the media channel?

Through our FamBiz Media Channel we explore key topics and ask those searching
questions to uncover remarkable journeys and find out what makes our family businesses special and unique.

How did it all start? Was it accidental or by design? Is there conflict throughout the generations or peace and harmony throughout? How do I enter my family business? How do I plan my exit strategy? Who can I go to for help and support? Does it get lonely?

Our films uncover stories of real innovation and entrepreneurship at its best and how family businesses give back and support their communities.

We understand the value and power of family to family engagement and learning from those who have been through similar experiences! Enter the world of family business and with our subscription you will gain your own MBA in life and business.

2020 - 2022 FamBiz Subscribers

Now that our Subscription options have been updated, when your existing subscription expires you will be contacted and invited to join one of our new subscriptions, detailed above. View the T&C’s for your current subscription here …

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