PR Distribution 

A simple but effective PR distribution service 


As part of our PR service provision, we offer a great value PR distribution facility for family businesses and the wider sector.

Our knowledge of the media industry and access to the latest media platforms puts us in the best position to get your news out there in front of the right people.

Have some exciting news that you’re eager to share?

Need some help to deliver your news to your media targets?

What we offer

Our comprehensive PR Distribution service offers family businesses the chance to boost your PR coverage and reach in one simple step.

For a one-off fee of £95 +VAT we will:

  • Deliver your release to targeted members of the media via our digital publishing platform, used by thousands of media professionals and with a social media reach in excess of 350,000.
  • Share your release to our family business audience via our website news page
  • Share your release in dedicated posts through our social media platforms (up to 3 of: Facebook / Twitter / Linked In / Instagram), incorporating any tags you provide


How it works

Simply buy the package by clicking the ‘Purchase Service’ button and once we have received your payment, we will email you an information request form to gather all the data we need to effectively distribute your PR piece.

Once we’ve received this information back, we will send you an email acknowledgement and bingo – you’re done!

What will we need from you?

We will email you an information request form which will ask for the following:


  • Your final draft PR article/ news piece or story
  • A clear, high resolution JPEG image, that you have permission to use. (Please tell us who to credit, if the image need crediting)
  • A You Tube video link (if relevant)
  • A short business summary max. 100 words
  • Official company name and location
  • Contact details for your company’s press contact including a name, job title, email address and contact number
  • Your social media handles for any channels that you use (up to 3 of: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram)
  • Your chosen weblink
  • Where you would like your press release to be seen, either within the UK or abroad (we will provide a list of coverage options)
  • Your preferred date for the PR distribution to take place 


07866 536050

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