The ‘Next Generation Workshop’ heads to Liverpool

Following the success of our unique workshop designed for next generation and new generation family business leaders, a second event is to be held on 17 March in Liverpool.  

The workshop ‘The Future’s here, it’s time to talk’ was developed by a trio of organisations that work with and support family businesses in the region; Be the Business, Thomas Jardine & Co and ourselves – The Family Business Network.  Our combined expertise led to the first workshop being held in Lancashire last November.

The workshop offers an opportunity for like-minded peers working within their family businesses to share their experiences, address some of the commonplace challenges and take away some positive learnings that can ultimately help to improve business productivity and performance.

Workshop facilitator, Jacqui Jackson of Thomas Jardine & Co, said, “The workshop came about to provide support for those next generation successors of family businesses who are taking on the future and often, a lot of responsibility with it. We realised that there was a need for events that were designed specifically for Next Gens to be able to share their experiences in a peer to peer environment”.

Jacqui added, “The theme of our workshop focuses on talking about the future of the family business and how to approach those important topics and conversations. In our first workshop in November, our Next Gens discussed their personal experiences of handling challenging situations and how they would approach and overcome them in the future”.

Next Gen successor, Izzy Whitehead who attended the first Next Gen Workshop, in Bury on 6th November, commented, “For me, one of the most beneficial things about the workshop was meeting people from other sectors who are in the same position. It was really interesting to hear about others’ experiences in similar situations. The workshop certainly made me think differently about problem solving and about the way I try to resolve issues on a daily basis”.

Co-organiser and founder of The Family Business Network, Sue Howorth, commented, “This second workshop offers Next Gens from across different regions and sectors a chance to connect with one another and be a source of support.

“The event is being held in the Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool, home to the city’s brightest creative and digital agencies. We hope the workshop will take on the some of the qualities of its surroundings as well as the vibrant St Patrick’s Day atmosphere”.

Sheena McDermott, North West Programme Manager for Be the Business added, “We hope that the workshop will encourage the next generation to engage and collaborate from the very start of their leadership journeys. Sharing learning in this way contributes towards increased productivity within businesses and will hopefully help generations of businesses to succeed.”

The workshop will take place at Baltic Creative Campus in Liverpool on Tuesday 17th March. The workshop is free to attend but participants are required to reserve a place through the booking link