Family artisan Bakery opens new store

Multi-award-winning bakery Lovingly Artisan have opened a new bakery shop alongside their Plumgarth’s HQ.

The family-run company took the decision to grow its Kendal operations base to meet demand from both retail customers visiting the Plumgarth’s Bakery and to allow for the expansion of the Bakery itself in the coming months in order to meet ever growing demand from trade customers; including high quality hotels, restaurants, cafes and food services outlets across the North West.

The new store, simply called The Bread Store, has opened just a few weeks after Bakery owner Aidan Monks, was crowned winner of the Baker Category in the nationally regarded Olive Chef Awards.

The addition of the new retail facility has already created one full time job, with others due to be added in the coming months as both the retail and bakery operations continue to grow.

As well as offering the Bakery’s range of artisan breads and Gilchester Organics flours, the Bread Store will eventually also stock a range of baking related products; including recipe books, aprons and bread tins in due course. As well as housing both Aidan and Catherine’s regular hands on Lake District based sourdough, banking and styling workshop courses.

Aidan Monks commented: ‘’We are a family artisan bakery and our mission is to deliver fresh, great tasting, and high-quality breads to every single one of our customers. Demand for our bread has steadily grown and because of that we have taken steps to open our own dedicated bakery shop at Plumgarth’s to meet that demand. In addition, moving the retail side of the business to a dedicated space will also allow us to expand our bakery operation and enhance our production facilities allowing us to meet the demand for our breads across the region. We are passionate about creating providing the best breads possible to as wide an audience as we can, all without compromising on quality.”