UK executive search and talent solutions provider celebrates its first year in business

Family Business Network partner and executive search and talent solutions company, Jordan-McQueen will celebrate its first anniversary this month after one year in business.

The company was founded by Victoria McQueen in July 2018 with the aim of providing a dynamic, personal and flexible approach to senior recruitment in sectors that contribute to the circular economy. Not only does her business provide executive search services direct to hiring companies, it also partners with other executive search and talent businesses in a freelance capacity.

Twelve months later, and with a healthy and diverse client portfolio covering the climate, energy, technology, and sustainability sectors on a global scale, Founder and Managing Director, Victoria McQueen commented, “The launch of Jordan-McQueen has been a hugely exciting and rewarding time.  As a business, we are proud to be making a difference to our candidates’ careers, the growth of our clients’ organisations and the future evolution of the sectors in which we operate.”

With 14 years’ experience in the global executive search and strategic talent solutions marketplace, Victoria’s enthusiasm and passion for a people-orientated approach is clear. She comments, “We take time to get to know our clients, what matters to them in a hire and the key measures of success in order to find the right fit.  Given that many of our clients are set for rapid growth or change, experience is of course important, but so is the cultural fit.  Hiring for attitude, especially in fast-changing workplaces, should always form part of the hiring strategy, be it an investor or an owner of the business who is leading the process.”

Speaking around some of the key challenges faced by businesses that are looking to attract fresh leadership, Victoria said, “Not being too blinkered by exact experience is key to making the right hire.  We have supported clients on several non-executive director positions this year and there are many ways in which to approach the market for this skillset.  Keeping an open mind around levels of experience, for example candidates who are just starting out in a plural career, will certainly lead to a more diverse shortlist than purely focusing on candidates who bring experience in tenure and vice versa.”

Commenting on the current demands for senior talent solutions in the climate, energy, technology, and sustainability sectors, Victoria said, “We are definitely seeing an increase in the demand for both executive and non-executive leaders who can add value in terms of the sustainability and climate change agenda, both on an operational level and in the boardroom.”

When asked about the future of Jordan-McQueen, Victoria commented, “Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients and partners for their support over the last twelve months.

“We have some very exciting plans on the horizon that we are looking forward to revealing in due course, which align with our priority for the business – to deliver a unique, high-quality experience to our candidates and clients first and foremost.”