PHX Training’s new initiative to get people into work

A Cumbrian training company is going a step further to enhance employment opportunities by providing each successful learner with driving lessons, a bike or a laptop.

PHX Training is offering the new initiative to get people back into work by delivering a series of four-week courses in warehousing, retail, team leading and Security Industry Authority training.

Briony Fawcett, operations director at PHX Training, said: “PHX Training is a catalyst for people who are currently unemployed, claiming benefits or on a low income to improve their chances of finding work.

“This initiative is about giving individuals a set of key skills in specific areas while offering a solution to barriers learners may be up against.

“We are providing successful pupils with a laptop, bike or driving lessons to broaden their horizons when it comes to applying for jobs at home or offering them a resolution to transport issues which they may face.

“Upon completion of the SIA course, learners will receive the SIA badge which is a legal requirement that security professionals must possess in order to undertake work.”